What Internet Marketing State of Mind Are You In? It Could Mean Success or Failure

Have you ever heard the phrase “business consulting is about creating afterwork”? What is means is that the primary goal of business consulting is to convince your prospective client that they need you to be successful. This opens up a lot of billable hours of consulting that you would do for them. How does this relate to internet marketing state of minds?

Internet and network marketing are really constructed under the same premise, only the goal is residual income or commissions.

With that end goal in mind, there’s only 4 internet marketing state of minds that you and I are in from one point to another in our careers in this niche.

Robert Kiyosaki, famed author and businessman, is allegedly one of the most quoted network marketing gurus. One of the most popular pieces to quote is his philosophy of time versus money.

People are four ways:

1) You have time and money

2) You have time but no money

3) You have no time but you have money

4) You have no time and no money

As an homage to that, I was inspired to create a blog post to that effect for the internet marketing state of minds. emergenthomestore I believe that it parallels so well in terms of comparison, just like how business consulting runs parallel to internet and network marketing.

The 4 internet marketing state of minds:

1) High traffic; high conversions

2) High traffic; low conversions

3) Low traffic; high conversions

4) Low traffic; low conversions

Obviously, if you are in scenario one of internet marketing state of minds, then you are in great shape, aren’t you? If you are in this stratosphere, you need to be focusing on creating your own products and pushing that to your lists.

If you are suffering from scenario two of internet marketing state of minds, then it’s time to check your content. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

– Is your product something that every hungry internet marketer wants?

– Is your product at a decent price point and something that most people can afford based on their perceptions of value?

– Is your capture page optimized for conversions?

– Is your call to action strong enough?

These are just a few of the basic questions to evaluate your product and sales page. If you feel as though the answer to those questions are a yes, then you’ll want to get deeper in to the valuation process to completely pick it apart. There are plenty of resources via Google on articles to help you with sales page optimization.

Remember that you are looking for a product that your traffic that you are driving is ideal for, otherwise you’re just wasting your time and investment.

For scenario three of internet marketing state of minds, it’s not an entirely bad thing. You just need to work on building up more traffic. The hottest trends right now are PPV, Facebook, AdWords, and solo ads. If you aren’t maximizing all four channels, then there’s your solution right there. Do your research and trial tests and your traffic will come.

One caveat is that if you have low amounts of traffic, don’t fall in love with your conversion rate. If you aren’t getting the sales you want, you want to evaluate your product and sales page as well to make sure it continues to be congruent with your new audience.

For those of us in scenario four of internet marketing state of minds, the key is to not give up. If you haven’t gotten anywhere with internet marketing, regardless of how long you’ve been doing it, all is not lost. You just need to take a step back and really make a big push.

My recommendation for getting out of your funk is to dive in to some personal coaching, whether it be via an internet marketing training course, or one-to-one coaching. The second thing to do is identify a strong product that converts and takes the guesswork out of your efforts.

That’s how I got out of the gates in the beginning. I didn’t have time to fail, nor the resources. I took a calculated risk in identifying 2-3 products that I wanted to promote that I knew people wanted solutions for, and I got personalized coaching to learn how to promote them. The result is that I made my first sales quickly and got lots of quality results.

Wherever you are in the internet marketing state of minds, know that enhancement is not far away. No scenario is in dire straits; you just need to be pointed in the right direction. Hopefully I’ve helped you achieve that in one way or another.

Was this article helpful? Share your thoughts on whether you feel as though these four internet marketing state of minds cover the expanse of the niche.

My task is simple: I write to help you. My passion is to help others become successful, whether it’s in my organization or outside of it. If you are serious about achieving your dreams, then read my articles, take notes, and reach out to me with questions.


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