How Email Marketing Can Set You Free

Most people who enter the world of Affiliate Marketing do so with the dream of one day achieving freedom. However, the meaning of freedom may not be the same for everyone. At one end of the scale freedom may mean building a fully-fledged online business that enables them to quit their day job and choose when and when not to work. For others it may be as simple as having more time to spend with their loved ones and pursue their interests whilst still holding down a regular, lloydsapotheken if less demanding job. Whatever your desire, email marketing can set you free.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a direct marketing method that uses email as a medium for communicating with your target market. It is the process of sending email messages to potential and/or existing customers in order to enhance your business relationship with them thus encourage them to buy from you.

The effectiveness of email marketing is borne of the fact that almost all internet users have email accounts that they check regularly, making it easy for advertisers to easily reach those who have signed up to receive regular updates on a subject of interest. The cost of email delivery is very minimal and the impact almost immediate.

Why Email Marketing is Important.

The importance of email marketing in ramping up your income, not only for affiliates but for any business, cannot be over emphasised. This method of marketing is sometimes referred to as the “set it and forget it” marketing method because you build your system once and profit from it for years to come. Whilst you can still make good money as an affiliate simply by promoting a product and making a commission on a “one and done basis”, where you reap the rewards once, this can pale into insignificance when compared with profits that can be made through email marketing. It is not unheard of for affiliates to have increased their income by four or five times through the use of email marketing.

And the reason why email marketing is so profitable is because it allows you to follow up on visitors to your site, increasing the chances of them buying from you. It also allows you to build a relationship of trust with your customers, which eventually leads to them buying from you again. As anyone with any experience of internet marketing will tell you, getting interested visitors to a web site is one of the hardest tasks faced by an affiliate marketer and once a visitor leaves your site, they may never return. Therefore, having worked hard to get a visitor to your site in the first place, it pays to capture their email address in order that you may follow them up later. This is usually done by offering the visitor some sort of incentive to part with their email address whilst on your web site. The incentive may be a free gift, such as an eBook on a topic of interest and a promise of further free information to be delivered via email. The visitor enters their email address into an appropriate field on the web page in order to receive the free gift.

The Opt-in Principle

A very important principle not to be overlooked here is the opt-in principle. Because the visitor has volunteered their email address, they have consciously opted into your email list and therefore expect to receive future emails from you. This eliminates the risk of you being accused of sending spam emails, which would be the case if you were sending unsolicited emails to folk that had not requested them. Anyone opting into an email list has the option to opt out at any time.

Effective Follow-Up Messages

Several massage types exist to be used to follow up a prospect once you have his or her email address. The email Newsletter is the prime vehicle used to follow up prospective customers once you have them on your mailing list. Others include the Core Sequence, Alternative Method and the Step by Step methods, the choice of which to use being determined by the nature of the communication.

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