How You Can Improve Your Website Ranking On Google By Using SEO

One of the biggest things a business needs to do in terms of Internet marketing is to ensure that their website has a high ranking, especially on Google. This is vital as the higher you are in the search engine results pages (SERP), the better the odds are of you being seen by potential customers. There are other ways of gaining visibility for your website, but high Google ranking is probably one of the biggest advantages that you can have in terms of attracting potential new customers. So the big question is, how you can improve your website ranking on Google?

The only real way to get your website ranking highly on Google is to carry out search engine optimization (SEO). There are no short cuts and it will meaning you need to invest either time or money (or both) to get your website rankings high – but it will be worth it in the end.

Did you know that if your website appears in the top 3 rankings on page 1 of Google, then, if the targeted key-phrase is searched, then the chances of the link to your website being clicked is over 60%. Once your site goes onto page 2 of the search engine results pages then those chances diminish. People rarely go beyond page 1 of the results pages when carrying out a search, so you really do need those page 1 rankings.

So you know what the goal is, but what is the first step? Without a doubt you need to select your keywords and key-phrases carefully. This is the single most important step you need to work on to ensure you don’t fail. In all honesty it is really easy to get a number 1 ranking on Google, but the hardest and most important thing is to get high rankings for the correct keywords. Keywords that people are using to search for businesses like yours. Getting number 1 ranking for keywords that are not being searched for are a waste of time.

I can’t stress this enough…do not start optimizing your website without thoroughly researching the keywords that are needed to bring back highly targeted traffic back to your website. A lot of business owners automatically start targeting keywords that they themselves would use to search for a business like theirs, and this is an elementary mistake that should be avoided. Spending the time to research keywords thoroughly will result in your not only¬†¬†optimizing your website, but also optimizing the amount of time you spend working on this project. Here are the things you should look at while researching your keywords:

– You are targeting keywords that are being searched by a lot of people on a regular basis

– Your keywords are commercial in intent, rather than using keywords that are mainly used by people who are simply carrying out research

– The competition that currently occupy the top 10 positions in Google are not so strong that you have very little chance of breaking into that exclusive club, no matter how long and hard you work on your search engine optimizing.

OK, so now you have identified the keywords you are going to use. What next? You need to take these keywords and carry out both onsite and offsite optimization. Always carry out the onsite optimization first as this takes less time and you are in complete control of this. Things you can do include; setting up your web pages with the correct meta tags and using the keywords in those wisely, using your keywords in the H1 tags on the webpage, using the keywords the correct number of times on the webpage, make sure your keywords are used in the first sentence of the first paragraph on your site, and the list goes on.

It would take too long to tell you everything that you need to do to get high Google rankings in the context of this article, but there are number of resources that you can search up on Google that will teach you pretty much everything that you need to do to get high search engine rankings. Be warned that there really are no short cuts if you want to get high, sustainable rankings on Google. There are also techniques that should be avoided if you don’t want to find that Google has blacklisted your website. Also, you should know that there really is no A-Z list of what you should do to get to the number 1 ranking on page of 1 of Google. There are things that are beyond your control that help to determine this e.g. what your competition is doing to their website in terms of optimizing it. So all you can do it try your best, and once you get on that all important first page, don’t rest on your laurels, as you will need to keep working to sustain that ranking, or even better, make it go higher on page 1.

Just because you have the best designed website, or the best content, there is no guarantee that you are going to get a lot of traffic and/or new business. You really need to invest the time (or hire a professional to invest that time for you) to optimize your website so that it is highly ranked on Google, and the other major search engines, and your ultimate reward will be more highly targeted traffic visiting your website and potentially more sales.


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