A Short History Of The Modern Chinese Language And Learning It Online

Besides English, one of the most studied languages is the Chinese language. It was originally spoken by the Han Chinese in China. There are a lot of regional Chinese dialects in China, including Cantonese, Mandarin, Wu, Yue, Xiang, Hakka, Gan, and Min. There are also groups who still aren’t classified by linguists. Mandarin is the standard language of China.

In this modern age, the number of people who are trying to learn this language has been increasing. This is true since the People’s Republic of China set Mandarin as the official Chinese language. Chinese has always been influential to other Asian languages such as Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese because they contain characters that are also used in Chinese. A number of Filipino words are also taken from Chinese, since Chinese businessmen has been around the Philippines a very long time before European colonization. English words like “tea” are also taken from Chinese.

China is now becoming more open to foreign relations, and the interest to learn Chinese has been increasing. Non-Chinese businesses and institutions are being based in China so effort has been put to study it even if it is one of the most difficult languages to learn.

Since Chinese is becoming a language that is in demand, people are now trying to learn Chinese online. This is a whole lot easier since you do not need to physically attend a Chinese subject just to learn the language. It is also economical and more practical in this modern world of computers. For them, it is easier to learn Chinese online. Many online schools are offering Chinese subjects that produce good Chinese-speakers.

To learn Chinese online, there are some factors to be considered in studying the language. Chinese is a language that is romanized, meaning it used to be written with Latin alphabet. “Pinyin” is the term used for the Romanization. Chinese grammar can be a little tricky to learn. A single syllable or character may correspond to idea. Combining these syllables can form new words, phrases, and ideas. Chinese understand the word by analyzing its context and combination of ideas which has a syllabic equivalent.

An important factor in studying to learn Chinese online is the tone. It is important since speaking the same word but with a different tone, produces another meaning. Homophones, as they call it, are words that sound alike but vary in tone. These words should be spoken in its precise pronunciation in order to convey what was meant and to avoid confusion.

If one is to learn Chinese online, he might receive videos, or charts that teach Chinese. The benefit of it is that these videos could be played over and over again if you need to practice hard. Others offer free tutorial, but others charge for the service. Other offers live instructors that communicate to you in real-time. Looking at Chinese charts and learning a little history of the language could be of help but one can find it very hard. Learning the language online could be a hassle, but for some people, it is a lot easier than to pay for Chinese classes.

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