Fun Ways to Learn New SAT Words Without Studying

Are you currently studying for the SATs and looking to increase your writing and critical reading scores? The key to success in the SAT Critical Reading and Writing sections is to build your vocabulary. Having a broad and varied vocabulary is critical to succeeding in this area and unfortunately not something you can or should cram for.

Read a book

Read, Read, Read. The best way to prepare for the SATs, or other standardized tests including the GRE, GMAT or LSAT, is to do plenty of reading. This seems like a no-brainer, but with so many distractions from the internet and television, students today are not reading enough and their vocabulary isn’t as strong as it could be. Get your hands on higher level reading material such as novels or academic journals as you’ll be able to see what proper writing looks and sounds like. As you read, remind yourself to truly absorb the material and not just skim through it. Develop a habit of jotting down words you don’t know when reading, look them up and then start incorporating them into your own daily vocabulary.

This is the time to read all those great books outside of your assigned classroom reading and it doesn’t have to cost you a penny. Take out a book from the library or download digital classic books like Treasure Island, The Scarlett Letter, Frankenstein or Pride and Prejudice for free on sites like Google Books.

Word of the Day Calendars

Wake up and learn a new word every day. Calendar pages usually include a definition, pronunciation, sample sentence, and detailed word history. Discover words that are fun to use and test your family at breakfast to see how many words they know. Many sites are also available to download “word of the day” applications to your computer, receive free in your email or on your smart phones. Slip a sheet into your lunch bag every day and have some fun with your friends.

Play Word Games

Some other fun ideas of ways to develop your sense of comprehension when you read and expand your vocabulary skills are playing word games like word jumbles, brainteasers, crossword puzzles or board games like Scrabble.

Social network internet versions of many original board games are a great way to learn new words and let you play live against your friends, anywhere around the world. Additionally, playing some online educational and vocabulary games makes you feel good about learning new words as they donate to charities and causes to end world hunger or poverty.

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