The Benefits of Plastic Shopping Baskets

You may have noticed when shopping in your local supermarket, convenience or high street store that traditional steel made shopping baskets seem to be becoming a thing of the past. It seems that many well known high street and supermarket brands are making the switch to using plastic constructed shopping baskets and here are the reasons why:

1. Tough, durable design

Plastic constructed baskets benefit from a strong structural design that unlike steel baskets won’t permanently deform or dent if bumped or knocked against shelving or shop displays. They have strong comfortable plastic handles that don’t bend under the weight of a heavy shopping load and a well vented base to help ensure any potential spillages are kept to a minimum and won’t spoil other items in the basket. Due to the design of the plastic baskets they are easily stacked. Unlike steel constructed shopping baskets, plastic baskets don’t tangle and stick to other baskets when being lifted from the stack.

2. Will not rust or corrode

Plastic shopping baskets will not rust or corrode and are able to stay in great condition, unlike many of the steel baskets. Baskets made from plastic can even be left outside in all weather conditions, ensuring that they maintain a long lifespan come sun, wind, rain or snow. Traditional shopping baskets made from steel often feel cold to the touch, and especially in the autumn and winter months can make using them very uncomfortable.

3. Light weight design

Shopping baskets constructed from plastic are lighter than their metal counterparts and this has several main benefits. Being considerably lighter weight, plastic baskets are easier to lift and carry and this is a real benefit in particular to older customers who may find metal baskets too heavy. Being light weight also means that if they are knocked or bumped into shelving, point of sale displays or even other shoppers they are less likely to cause damage or injury. It is much more comfortable to carry shopping in a basket constructed from plastic as you can often carry more shopping due to the plastic baskets reduced weight.

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