Retail Giants Go Green

Amongst the stories of environmental doom and gloom, it’s uplifting to hear that some of the largest companies on the planet are implementing ways in which to reduce their carbon footprint. In the past, some of these companies have been the largest polluters and producers of waste so it’s heartening that a shift in consumer consciousness has led to a re-thinking of corporate structure from an environmental perspective.

Where environmentalism was once a side note (perhaps even a joke) it has now become a priority on the agenda of many corporate notepads. Each one of us makes daily choices that include the way we interact with products and what effect these have on the environment. The power of choice is an individuals vote for the kind of future they hope to see (and big companies are starting to see the light).

Some of the most popular businesses out there are determined to set an example and show people that being environmentally friendly is not just a necessity, but also a reward. We’ve gathered together some of these stories for you to enjoy.

Panasonic create energy-efficient headquarters

For Panasonic, the idea of sustainability has been an important part of their business for some time. This Japanese giant has been supplying the world with electronic products for decades and saw the writing on the wall when it came to their environmental policy.

When Panasonic decided to create a new location in Newark in 2013, the company tried a different approach to the way they design and build new premises. The new Panasonic tower in Newark is LEED certified, meaning that it meets international standards in buildings designed for energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction and improved indoor environmental quality. Besides this, the tower is very close to one of the most used transit nodes in the area, allowing employees a convenient way to get to work rather than driving. It is estimated that this decision by Panasonic keeps 500 cars off the public roads every single day.