The Benefits of Email Marketing and How to Use It to Increase Sales and Grow Your Business

Have you ever wondered how to use email marketing to increase your sales, drive website traffic or expand your company? Have you ever wondered if it’s worth the effort?

This brief article will explore these questions and provide you with a few guidelines dtcms and some information to help in your next email marketing campaign or to help you decide to launch one. Email marketing really does work, but like everything in marketing, there are some rules to follow and pitfalls to avoid.

Let’s begin by reviewing the real benefits of email marketing. Exactly what can email marketing do and why.

Direct connection to existing customers – You can send an old or ongoing customer updates, information, special offers and other data that they will find useful, or that gets them to visit or re-visit you.
An email is a little website – Remember that HTML emails are, in essence, a webpage. They can contain images, videos and links and are a great way to present information. Additionally, each email can be dynamically customized to the receiver.
Emails can be shared – As mentioned above, an email can be a small webpage. It can contain social media buttons and links, but it can also be forwarded and copied to others. A good email with useful and helpful information may get passed on to the recipient’s friends and associates.
There are many automated processes that can be used – A good email marketing campaign will make use of auto-responders and time-based releases, thus vastly increasing the effectiveness and reducing the time needed to send multiple emails to multiple users.
When it comes to the benefits of email marketing, these 4 broad items only scratch the surface. Often, the industry in which you work may determine the methods of your email marketing and also what is passed to the recipients. However, you may be asking how you go about the email marketing process and where you get the emails in the first place. Again, there are many options here, but let’s look at a few to get you started:

Purchase a list – there are many reputable email lead companies that allow you to purchase an opt-in list of emails based on a variety of criteria. This can be a good way to start cold if you don’t already have a list of your own.
Build an email list – use list-building tools on your website such as a newsletter sign up, a free offer when someone enters their name and email and even blog comments.
Use your existing emails – Send out some useful information to your existing customers. Something not necessarily related to you directly, and ask them to share it or like it on Facebook, or connect with you on LinkedIn, etc. You can often build a list from a list.
Provide a free app that requires a registration – if you can offer a simple or not-so-simple mobile app on your website, you can get people to download it and enter their name, email and other data in order to activate it. This is a great way to build a list because it provides yet another avenue into people’s sphere of concern.
The benefits of email marketing should be clear to you now. There are few other ways to connect directly with people and grow your connections simultaneously that are effective as an email. Further, with so many options for people to read their emails, including their computers and mobile devices, your emails have a much better chance of being read and read quickly.

Of course, as mentioned, there are some pitfalls to watch out for. You have to be careful with emails, as you are dealing with individuals in their own digital space. Keep these few tips in mind:

Don’t spam – if you buy an email list, make certain it’s an opt-in list. Always respect people’s privacy and if they ask to unsubscribe, make sure they can do so.
Always get permission to send an email – if you are building your own list, make sure that when somebody opts in, they understand that they may receive further messages
Do not share your emails – Keep your emails to yourself. Nobody will trust you if they find out you gave away or sold their email address.
Observe the anti-spam laws – read over the spam laws and make sure you follow them. They’re not complex, but they do contain guidelines that will keep you out of trouble.
Don’t hammer advertising down anyone’s throat – A good rule of thumb in any email campaign is the 80 / 20 rule. Most of the time, your information should be useful to the recipient and not just a direct effort to sell. This will make your emails more effective and maintain a positive opinion of you and your company.
When an email campaign is performed properly, the benefits of email marketing will accrue to you quickly and in the long-term. Email can be a very powerful way to drive website traffic, generate sales, increase your reputation and even create new email leads. Be careful, be respectful, be above board and of course, use the most professional copywriting techniques in the content of your email to grab and keep their attention.

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