It’s Time for Me to Show You – By the Way It’s About the Challenges of Internet Marketing

I recently participated in a mastermind/interview with a great marketing mentor of mine and I wanted to share with you some great advice he gave on conquering the challenges of internet marketing. He gave great insight on the reasons newbies have challenges and why advanced marketers have challenges.

During this mastermind he gave cottingfield n gauge model railway 4 reasons why newbies have a hard time and really get bogged down with the challenges of internet marketing. I’ll start there first.

People use the excuse that internet marketing is not for them because they don’t understand how to integrate it or what the point of spending time, money and energy in internet marketing would be. Usually they don’t’ grasp how internet marketing can be used to better service customers through trust and engagement and can’t see the great vision of how it can add to profits.

People say they don’t have the time. This is usually followed by I don’t have the expertise or ability. What they’re really saying is they don’t see the value. They view it as more of playing than being productive.

Another great excuse about the challenges of internet marketing is “I have no money, no budget for it.” That’s the great thing about internet marketing, it’s made as a resource for people on a show string budget. It’s not a get results fast type of strategy, it’s to be used for the long haul and build on piece by piece each week.

Perhaps the most legitimate challenge is keeping pace with new changes with new resources and changing guidelines. After all it’s hard to want to put effort into any kind of marketing when it seems that the time, energy and money would be wasted when you’re not in complete control of the message.

As for advanced users it’s an issue of marketing blinders. Today we’re overwhelmed with advertising and promoting around every corner. When that happens someone usually makes a message that’s unique and different which gets attention for a while and than everyone does it. Before you know it everyone has blinders on again.

By the way stay tuned because I will explain how to bypass these hurdles.

Another is relevant and engaging content. If you don’t’ know your audience well enough it’s pretty easy to see that they’ll give you their 3 to 5 second look and move on/forget about you. But identify what they’re seeking and give them the opportunity to connect with an expert/voice their opinion and you’re getting the hang of it.

The last challenge is staying with internet marketing for the long haul. Internet marketing will do you no good if you only give it a couple of weeks or months and expect it to prove to you that it works. Every resource out their is made for a purpose and it’s up to you to put the effort forward to understand the resource and use it to your full advantage.

Now as I said I would give you advice on how to hit some of the challenges head on. Well my advice is two fold. First put in the effort into things that others won’t do. Learn to do things for your customers that the competition won’t. The other is do something that’s out of your audiences pattern. If they’re surrounded by flyers for example make a blow up balloon that gets in their way that they can’t help but notice. Here’s a current example that some of my marketing mentors are doing, going back to direct mail. The reason, people aren’t getting as much mail as they’re used to, send them something they can feel rather than digital when you’re a digital marketing company and it breaks their pattern and causes a moment of focus.

If you’re like I was and feeling stressed and overwhelmed about internet marketing than check my own challenges of internet marketing and the full list of challenges of internet marketing [] and what will help you-directly from my own marketing mentors.

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