Hunting In Optimal Conditions Using Moon Phase Watches

In a profession that requires a reliance on moon phases like mariners, fishermen and hunters, moon phase watches can be a very useful tool. The watch coordinates the cycle of the moon with the date of the day and the month so that you can track the phases. Some of the moon phase watches can also track the latitude and longitude of the moon as well as tell the time. A vibrating mode feature can also be present in some models for silent triggered alarms which helps people who use concealment like hunters and fishermen.

By utilizing the feature of the watch to tell the phase of the moon, a hunter knows when is the right time to hunt his or her prey like deer for example. The four phases of the moon from daytime to nighttime can affect and give predictions when to hunt and where to hunt. The phase of the moon even from daytime can affect the activity of your prey, if the prey is traveling, or the prey is resting, or is it grazing or hunting for food, and how many there are active at the moment. Low light conditions can also be predicted by means of lunar phases. The best preferred time and phase by hunters for good action is when there is full moon during midday and in dusk and dawn activity during quarter moons.

Moon phase watches require only a little configuration before you can use them. By pulling the knob or crown to set the day and month in a clockwise direction then pushing the knob or crown back in. In setting the moon phase, first check online or in newspapers and calendars the phase of the moon corresponding to the phase of the moon that day. Usually there are four phases in the watches, full moon, new moon, waxing moon, and waning moon. Choose accordingly the correct one by spinning the knob or crown in a counterclockwise fashion, once it is set to the correct phase of the moon then push back the crown.

Most of the these watches are sold online and are considered geeky by most people.


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