How Pod Espresso Machines Work

There are actually a lot of ways to brew an espresso. But if you value convenience, you might want to take a shot with pod espresso machines. This is one way to brew a coffee that is done automatically. It was 1999 when Illy created this wonderful machine for anybody to easily brew an espresso right at home.

The work of pod espresso machine is really very simple. Just insert a prepared espresso pod right into the machine and an espresso can quickly be made. In just a single step, you can be spared of the grinding, dosing, tamping, and cleaning of the espresso machine. An espresso expert may not see this as very ideal since the coffee beans are not freshly grounded, which can result to altered taste and flavor.

Nevertheless, if you are just concerned with the convenience of making espresso, then the pod espresso machine would be a very good choice because it doesn’t take a lot of process just to have a taste of espresso made by yourself and saves you time altogether.

Use of espresso pods may be more expensive than by grinding the coffee beans yourself, but the money is all worth it for the effortlessness in using espresso pods.

You can also opt to buy espresso pods in bulk online through online sellers. With espresso pods, there is no skill necessary to make a delicious espresso. These machines are actually easy to operate. It has a large water container with a filter to place the espresso pods. There are also more modern pod espresso machines that gives you option in either using espresso pod or portafilters to brew your espresso. A lot of modern pod machines also have milk frother to add variety to your espresso.

To use the pod espresso machine fill the water container with drinking water and let it heat until ready. While heating the water, use the time to heat up the cup for your espresso then insert the espresso pod into the machine for brewing. This process usually takes only 30 seconds to brew. Afterwards, you don’t need to worry with the cleaning of the machine, throwing the used grounds, or learning how to tamp correctly.

Most of the pod espresso machines are compact and effortless to use since they are marketed for home or office use. The price usually varies from over a hundred dollars to less than one hundred dollars depending on different brands and functionality. However, the main reason for buying pod machine is for the convenience it provides and is great for anyone who doesn’t even have a skill or training in making an espresso.


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